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 Open Letter

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The End

The End

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PostSubject: Open Letter   Fri Feb 10, 2012 8:39 pm

First topic message reminder :

Hello all.

I’m sorry to bother you guys, but I would like to leave a last message to you all, something I wasn’t t able to do because of the state of mind I had when I left GC, but am now willing and in need to do.

I leave you this message with a good vibe, and not trying to hurt anyone, so please take it the good way, as it is my intention.

Few days ago I had a change of messages with Gray, and then a few days later I traded one with Boss. These messages made me think that you might not understand why I left the clan. As you know I left also the forum and I don’t know If you talked about it here or not, but If you did I think u might be mistaken about some matters.

I left the clan due to a lack of respect I never showed to anyone in this clan, tow Luke did it to me. I look at this as a game, a game I love and it’s even better when you are inside a team that has team work and companionship.

You all read one of my last posts, it was meant to Luke, because of his habit of leaving midgame. You also read that I wasn’t the only one making him a ultimatum, that if he leaved again he would be punished/kicked… whatever. Well the night I left the clan he left a game saying he was glitched, that game the ones who stayed on could confirm that the other team wasn’t cheating at all. After that he rejoined the team and I (as leader at that time) told Boss to kick him from the team, we all were saying “kick him, kick him” but I wrote it. After that Luke came on Skype and raged towards me, I won’t comment what he said to me but I felt disrespected, and like I never disrespected no one like that I demand not to be disrespected also.

I instantly messaged Gray and Boss (the two last leaders before me) telling them that that was a deal breaker and they needed to choose between Luke and me. Boss never answered and Gray tried to split the blame between me and Luke. I find that to be unacceptable, because we had warned Luke before several times, and as leader at the time I thought it was my responsibility to have the balls to make Luke know he was being kicked.

After that posture from Gray and Boss I just had one thing to do, leave the leadership and the clan. I deleted all of my GC contacts of PSN (except Boss) and deleted my account here on the forum, because I like this clan, this game, and this people so much I wouldn’t be able to leave if I didn’t do that, someone would convince me that I was wrong or something and all would stay the same. Thing is after Luke’s declaration towards me things could never be the same, so because of my peers not taking action I took the last one I could, leave.

That’s what happened, but it’s not because of that I send you guys this message, I send you this message because I think you all think I deleted you guys from PSN because I’m mad at GC, well if you think that I can assure you guys: you are wrong.

Thing is I didn’t got a message from any of you guys (except for Jimmy) for 3 weeks. Tow a week ago I entered a room and saw Gray in it with another GC, and I said “Hi” witch the answer was “Are you talking to us now?” I didn’t understand it because I didn’t stop talking to any GC, just ask BankSs, ask Massena, ask Jimmy… I just hold back on talking with team 1 guys because, let us be honest, would we talk about the elephant in the room? After that me and Gray traded a few messages and at some point I decided to delete everything that could make me remind of you guys, so I deleted Boss from my PSN (3 weeks = 0 messages so I guess he’s not that much worried I delete him or not). Tow I kept trading messages with Gray that afternoon and he made me realize you guys think I’m mad at you all

And then we get to last Wednesday: I joined a team with my alt and in the first game we get GC team 1. I said the “GL &HF” part and some answered back.
As soon as the game starts I pick a fight with one of you guys at the duck, and kill another one in the middle road of C.C, and started running with the duck to the goal, when I get to the goal Boss writes “Glitched” and right after “WP End”, I was in the goal and forgot the game, Gray can confirm he killed me with no resistance from my part. I texted “Boss check my history” “it’s my first game with them” “Bye Bye” and I left the game because I don’t play with cheaters. I received a PSN message from Crib (message I appreciated by the way) but I needed to make Boss understand he was wrong, so I mailed him on MGO telling him exactly the same things I wrote in game and asking why he wrote “WP End”, Answer had nothing to do with what I asked but I understand you might be mad at me…

But I would like that after knowing what I write to you today, put yourself in my shoes for five minutes, and then answer me what could I done except what I HAVE done?

I’m sorry to have wasted your time because this will lead to nothing, but I wanted to put some closure on this and I think this might be the best way. I hope Nem’s and Mass’s questions are answered, and I wish you all the best.

Nemesis give me 2 days so I can read if anyone answers and after that delete this account if it doesn’t bother you.

Sincerely: End
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Death Dealer

Death Dealer

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PostSubject: Re: Open Letter   Mon Feb 20, 2012 8:53 pm

....I love You Griffonz....;(

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PostSubject: Re: Open Letter   Fri Jul 06, 2018 3:46 am


I was a different person back then.... it was never my intention to make you feel that way
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PostSubject: Re: Open Letter   Sat Jul 07, 2018 12:21 pm

Old news man get any regret off your mind we're always friends and always GC at the time we took the game serious that's why we were always mad but we had a blast remember the good times not the bad and play battlefield with us noob Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Open Letter   

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Open Letter
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