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 Metal Gear Online 3

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PostSubject: Metal Gear Online 3   Fri Sep 28, 2012 1:13 am

First topic message reminder :

Hideo Kojima has confirmed the next iteration of Metal Gear Online will be developed at the newly-established Kojima Productions LA studio.

The news was revealed at the Eurogamer Expo earlier today, where the Metal Gear creator also discussed base building gameplay and smartphone support in Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes.
Kojima didn't say if Metal Gear Online would be a part of Ground Zeroes, future Metal Gear sequels or released as a standalone title.

Competitive online gameplay was first introduced in Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence and returned for both PSP entries and MGS4. It was also made available as a standalone title in Japan.

The original Metal Gear Online's servers were shut down in June 2012.

Kojima Productions LA recently put the call out for programmers, artists and game developers to join the studio and work on developing the technology, systems and tools "for the core foundation of a 3D action game".

Could Hideo Kojima be planning a new online experience in the Metal Gear universe? With Metal Gear Online now closed, Kojma-san has been reflecting on the original game and how Japanese players appeared to get much more out of it than those in the West.

“One thing I’ve noticed is that MGO was really popular in Japan, but not quite as popular in the Americas or Europe,” he told the Eurogamer Expo today. “Of course, I’m the one who came up with the original concept for MGO and supervised it, but I left development to my staff, and of course they were Japanese. So the systems were very much targeted to Japanese users, which is why it was very popular in Japan.”

But might there be a new game on the horizon? Kojima said he’d like to learn from the lessons of Metal Gear Online on a new project. And were it to happen, it would be created by Kojima Productions LA, in order to ensure a more Western-focused experience.

“We’re always looking forward to what’s coming next, and I think the next time we make an online game we’re wanting it to be more popular in North America and Europe,” he said, briefly mentioning his LA studio.

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PostSubject: Re: Metal Gear Online 3   Mon Nov 18, 2013 12:48 am

What do you think about the aiming and weapon system?!
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PostSubject: Re: Metal Gear Online 3   Mon Nov 18, 2013 2:09 pm

I looked at the English play through and I was quite impressed with how similar it was to the old MGS game mechanics but just improved. They had taken factor of distance into account so you would have to aim higher with the tranquilizer to hit where you wanted to hit:) the only thing I'll miss is the classic mgs stuff such as a health bar, rations and floating items lol

If players can regenerate health online then I won't be so happy though as I can't imagine people getting that awesome feeling of kicking the shit out of everyone in a rescue mission with half a bar of health to spare.

Hopefully the HUD can be turned on as a feature. On the old mgs there was customisation on how big the HUD was so there may be hope for that Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Metal Gear Online 3   

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Metal Gear Online 3
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