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 Clan Introduction

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PostSubject: Clan Introduction   Fri Apr 09, 2010 5:46 pm

For the new members i will put a clan introduction up. Won't be a full history of clan as i didn't male it and i left as some point too.

Just key points will be noted. Will have it back later on tonight or this week some point.
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The Emerson

The Emerson

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PostSubject: Re: Clan Introduction   Fri Apr 09, 2010 9:25 pm

I gotta say before I write anything down that I might miss some parts and might be not accurate at some point due to my fuzzy memories scratch

Anyways it all began on July 2008 after I went as The Emerson as a random from the beta day then on the definite MGO 1.00 until summer...
Playing Guitar

I was new to any mmo-type of games and wanted to test the experience with MGS4 coming. So during July I came upon the idea of making myself a team and what would be later known as the Griffon Corps clan Cool

But why the griffin monster will you ask? after the different MGS4 PMC introduced which showed several mythical creatures, I found out they forgot this noble european figure master of the skies. Hence its use (in french tongue ) and corps cause all the other clans were so bonded with Snake and co that I had to stick out without resorting to army, swats etc. I used the black crow on a blueish flag as our first emblem, having no expertise in pixel art tbh ^^

Griffon Corps was born. I had in mind to make a place for english speaking players at first. French being my mother language, but the average french guy being who he is Rolling Eyes , I tested my ability to use english to recruit people into joining me, generally during free battle. My first fellow comrades were MIKEIZCOOL, Antigone/WOLFOX, Birdie (as a clanless buddy).
Then came Hisowngun, FCK Boldscott, Ricstur007 and some random guest on survival named SonicFox ( lol! )
Our motto was if I remember correctly with a sense of reliability and honour we take people who will stay loyal while having fun at the same time.

What turned out to be an experiment at first then drew me more and more into the game while becoming the first stepstone towards what would be a major clan in MGO...

Then the clan wore a grey Snakehead like figure for a while then came the famous vauxhall logos drawn by our buddy Nemesys ( good job ). Meanwhile mates like Guderian, Cibox, Graysnake joined the fray and so on.

Some people came, some stayed, some left to test themselves, and what I see now can only make me even more proud of you. We've become part of MGO.

"Success is 99% failure"

Soichiro Honda, founder of Honda Motor Company
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Clan Introduction
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